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Artificial intelligence in the MEDia

In this incessant tumult, we are right to wonder how it might impact us professionally. Are our jobs threatened? Are there career opportunities?

True to its habit, your SMPTE chapter invites you to a day specially designed for the world of media, of which we are all a part.

Firstly, we will paint a picture of the various technologies, their capabilities, and their development, projecting ourselves into a not-too-distant future to discern trends in AI technologies development.

Subsequently, in the form of business opportunities supported by a solid project framework, we will examine on-site use cases.

The day will continue with a roundtable of local experts who will provide an overview of the current situation in the Quebec landscape and the numerous opportunities offered by AI in general, and generative AI in particular.

We will conclude the day with a networking event where drinks and refreshments will be served. This will be the perfect opportunity to forge new connections and enjoy quality time with your peers.




Technology presentations (25 minutes each)

The main aim of these presentations by manufacturers/suppliers of AI technology is to enable participants to gain an overview of the technology offerings on the market, so that when they embark on an AI journey, they will be able to get a good idea of the different forms of technology and services offered by leading AI suppliers.

Each company will present:

  • The main elements of their hardware and software offering that set them apart from the competition.

  • An overview of their offering models.

  • An overview of current developments

Case study presentations (25 minutes each)

The main aim of the "use case" presentations is to provide participants with examples of projects in order to draw up a portrait, a sort of roadmap, for the development of AI-supported services/products according to the following criteria:

  • Business analysis

  • Project plan

  • Measures for "success/failure" evaluation

  • Pitfalls encountered

  • Success stories

  • Demonstration

Round table on socio-economic issues (including employment threats and opportunities)

Experts from the local scene will shed light on these issues and highlight the fundamental challenges arising from the development of AI.


This year, the bootcamp will take place in person only.


Given the provenance of some of our guests, some presentations will be given in English.


Information to follow.



This is a paid event open to all.

All registrations include either a one-year subscription for non-members, or a one-year renewal for members.

Individual registrations can be made on Eventbrite. Please click on the "Inscription/Registration" button above.

For group registrations, please contact us at

The lunch is included in the registration fee.

Payment is required upon registration.


  • Member registration: $325* (includes one-year SMPTE membership renewal).

  • Non-member registration: $325* (includes one-year SMPTE membership).

  • Teacher/member registration: $160* (includes one-year SMPTE membership renewal).

  • Teacher/non-member registration: $160* (includes one-year SMPTE membership).

  • Student registration: free (includes one year's SMPTE membership with student status).

* Prices shown include applicable taxes and service charges.


By credit card or PayPal.


Editorial and presentations:

François Bourdua (Lead), David Beaulieu, Denis Bonneau, Jonathan Jobin, Annie Mailloux, Sylvain Marcotte, Philip Mitsopoulos, Felix Poulin, Pierre Hugues Routhier

Coordination, logistics, communications:

Marie-Eve Bilodeau (lead), David Beaulieu, François Bourdua, Dominic Bourget, Daniel Despa, Daniel Guévin, Jonathan Jobin.

And for those who would like to refresh their knowledge about AI in preparation for the bootcamp, we are preparing an evening presentation titled:

AI-101: The ABCs of AI

This evening will take place at the NFB on May 22nd, one week before the bootcamp.

Over the next few weeks we will send you information to register for this presentation.

In the meantime, save the dates! May 22nd and 29th !!!!

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