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Artificial intelligence in the MEDia

In this incessant tumult, we are right to wonder how it might impact us professionally. Are our jobs threatened? Are there career opportunities?

True to its habit, your SMPTE chapter invites you to a day specially designed for the world of media, of which we are all a part.

Firstly, we will paint a picture of the various technologies, their capabilities, and their development, projecting ourselves into a not-too-distant future to discern trends in AI technologies development.

Subsequently, in the form of business opportunities supported by a solid project framework, we will examine on-site use cases.

The day will continue with a roundtable of local experts who will provide an overview of the current situation in the Quebec landscape and the numerous opportunities offered by AI in general, and generative AI in particular.

We will conclude the day with a networking event where drinks and refreshments will be served. This will be the perfect opportunity to forge new connections and enjoy quality time with your peers.

Be there May 29th!

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