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Introduction Allocution

Introduce the subject and set the table for the day.

  • What is an agile production infrastructure and what does it take to achieve it?

First part:

Trend towards cloud-based and paperless live production

  • The state of the art of live agile production

  • A future vision of agile live production

  • Integrated Software and Agile Manufacturing - A Solution Provider's Perspective

  • Cloud Production Online - A Cloud Service Provider's Perspective

Lunch (included with registration)

Second Part:

Catalysts for dynamic media installations

  • The Technology Stack of a Dynamic Infrastructure

  • Installation orchestration

  • Automating infrastructure configuration

  • Software architecture of media installations

  • Let's try: a live demonstration


Cases studies

  • Radio-Canada: Automated deployment of MRC's real-time media infrastructure

  • Bell media: Cloud Playout + Geo-Redundant Media Network Project

  • RTBF/EVS: Software based control rooms

Panel: How to evolve our organizations and employees

  • Towards a fully dynamic production facility

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