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10 h 09

How the World's Fastest AI Processing Intersects with Media


Mark Heaps

Mark Heaps, Chief Tech Evangelist & VP of Creative at Groq Inc will showcase how AI technology is not only ready for tomorrow but ready right now. The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers attendees will experience a comprehensive overview of the current state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and its applications in the media industry. Through a series of demonstrations, Mark will illustrate the variety of applications built by the Groq AI developer community, showcasing how these innovations enhance the workflow of creators and professionals involved in the production of media, from social media to film. The LPUTM Inference Engine, Groq's cutting-edge technology, enables the world's fastest inference for AI applications, making these advancements possible. Mark will also provide an in-depth examination of the evolution of AI technology and its implications for the media industry. He will discuss the key considerations and opportunities that arise from the integration of AI with creativity, highlighting the potential for Groq to power the next generation of AI-driven innovation in the media sector. Key takeaways: ■ How Groq technology transforms workflows ■ How Groq’s LPUTM will impact media/production environments ■ What augmenting human capacity means for the next generation of media workers
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